# Sansi - An out-of-the-box application license manager library

The Sansi is a license manager library for Linux (x86 and ARM including RaspberryPi) and Mac(x86), it provides an out-of-the-box copy protection feature to your application running on these.

# RaspberryPi support

The sansi is designed to support the features of the Raspberry Pi. You can limit the launch of your application only from a specific SD card or from a specific Raspberry Pi board.

# No license file copy protection

The sansi neither doesn't use license file nor license key which is confusing, prone to accidents, and can be the target of attacks.

You don't have to do the hassle of issuing a license file, just provide your application with sansi embedded.

# Features table

Features tables are available at here.

# Getting Started

Refer getting-started.


Refer API.

Last Updated: 2/2/2021, 1:08:30 PM